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Untitled - Zdislav Beksinski

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the rainbow and I

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Bordalo II - Lisbon, Portugal

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Artist: tweens
Trackname: be mean
Album: Tweens


track of the day #2

tweens - be mean

infectiously fun sunny pop from frenchkiss records’ tweens

for fans of the aquadolls, cherry glazerr, bleached

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MemoriesThe Pulp Zine

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The Welch Brothers, Jeremiah Allen Welch and Gabriel Welch, are an artist duo living and working in San Francisco. The Welch Brothers were born in Visalia, CA into an artistic family. Their father was a muralist and sign painter and their mother and oldest sister started a clowning business. As children, sketchbooks, legos and costumes from their family’s clowning business supplied an endless amount of entertainment. Although the two brothers took time to cultivate their own unique styles, they would often work together throughout the course of their lives. Their individual styles combine seamlessly to create works unlike anything else that has been seen in the past. From impressionistic animals to abstract worlds that look as though they could be created with computers, The Welch Brothers continue to push the boundaries of traditional art. They have struck out on a grand adventure together with no path to follow, paving a walkway into the unknown.

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This work is a part of the “Unbound: Contemporary Art after Frida Kahlo” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago). On the caption to the photo is said the work encourages the viewer to consider the ways in which gender is a performance. I thought that was so interesting. It had never occurred to me that we are choosing to perform gender, but it seems very true.

Overall, the exhibit was small but provocative. I never realized how ahead of her time Frida was when in came to thinking about gender representations. She was a feminist before feminism existed.                  

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